Three-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

ECBVerdyol—manufacturer of the Rifle Staple Gun—warranties the quality of our workmanship of the Rifle Staple Gun. If any of our guns have manufacturing defects or fail in the first 3 years of use, we will replace the gun for free. The following must occur for this warranty to apply:

  •  You must register your Rifle Staple Gun on our website at the time of purchase. If you do not register your
    staple gun at the time of purchase, the warranty will take effect for one year from its manufacturing date.

  •  The gun must be damaged due to issues with the manufacturing of the gun. Guns that have been modified,
    altered or damaged due to modifications or misuse will void the warranty of the Rifle Staple Gun.

  • See our Rifle Staple Gun tutorial and maintenance videos.

Non-Wear Parts Are Fully Covered

We’re proud to make a gun tough enough that we can offer the longest ECB staple gun warranty on the market. To that end, this warranty will cover any manufacturing defects on welds and on steel, excluding wearable parts, for a period of 3 years from your date of purchase when you register your product online with us.

Replaceable Parts Are Not Covered

Some wear parts, such as springs, the hammer and the top handle pin, are likely to wear or break during the course of normal use. We do sell replacements for all wearable parts on the Rifle Staple Gun. Talk to your distributor or order direct, contact us.

Replacement Guarantee

If non-wear parts or welds break during normal use, we will replace your staple gun at no cost. Normal use does not include staple guns that were driven over, otherwise abused or not properly maintained. Take care of your Rifle Staple Gun, and our team will take care of you.


Please visit our tutorial page to learn about how to use, maintain and troubleshoot your new Rifle Staple Gun, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

To activate your Rifle Staple Gun Warranty now, register your staple gun by downloading and submitting the form below.


Download Warranty Form