About Us

ECBVerdyol is a leading Canadian manufacturer of erosion and sediment control products. We are an integration of two major brands and products, Erosion Control Blanket (ECB) and Verdyol Biotic Earth, which we distribute across Canada, the US and Central America.

ECB produces and distributes turf reinforcement mats, erosion control blankets and straw wattles. Verdyol Biotic Earth provides soil amendments for improving soil, vegetation and long-term sustainability.

ECB designs and manufactures the Rifle Staple Gun, built specifically to fasten erosion control blankets, turf and geotextiles easily and efficiently to the ground. Designed in-house by master craftsman Mike Senden, each staple gun is made with precision laser-cut pieces welded together and carefully inspected by Mike. This tool was created and built by a company with deep industry expertise in order to improve stapling speed, save on labour costs and reduce OHS claims.

ECBVerdyol is based in Riverton, Manitoba, with sales and stocking locations in both Canada and the US.